I am interested in the interfaces of bodies, objects, and spaces, entanglements of human and non-human actors, and multimodal explorations through the lens of the archive.
In inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching, I am committed to activist*scholarship and feminist pedagogy.

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Critical Flânerie

I connect a critical feminist urban perspective on the works about flânerie and gaze by Walter Benjamin, Georg Simmel and Marcel Proust, with revisiting practices of walking and wandering in the city as proposed by Lucius Burckhardt, Michel de Certeau, and Tim Ingold. Taking this approach  into the context of urban experiences of non-dominant bodies, I propose a “critical flânerie” as an emancipatory spatial practice to appropriate and queer the gaze on urban spaces and other bodies  toward a reflected experiencing and documenting of who and what often remains invisible.


Images: Aylin Tschoepe, Basel 2021