I am interested in the interfaces of bodies, objects, and spaces, entanglements of human and non-human actors, and multimodal explorations through the lens of the archive.
In inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching, I am committed to activist*scholarship and feminist pedagogy.

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The an:archive, the “not-archive,” builds on a queer departure towards and including bodies, matter and materialities that resist conventional modes of archiving. The an:archive is a highly self-critical approach to the archive, one that does not strive to become another dominating force, but enter the discourse with another perspective. The an:archive is situated in the ambiguous realm that defies, among others, the binaries of memory/forgetting (Assmann 1999), un/building (Halberstam 2018), un/boundedness (Douglas 1970), threat/opportunity (Rao 2008), freedom/control (Foucault 1977), de/colonizing (Fanon 1952), de/composition (Kozel 2017).

Critical Flânerie

Taking a critical feminist urban perspective on the works on flânerie and gaze by ...

Socio-Sonic Poetics of Food