I am interested in the interfaces of bodies, objects, and spaces, entanglements of human and non-human actors, and multimodal explorations through the lens of the archive.
In inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching, I am committed to activist*scholarship and feminist pedagogy.

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February 2022


Entangled Commons. Shifting Infrastructures of Sociality toward Visionary Pragmatic Lifeworlds [UrbAn].

Panel P044, European Association of Social Anthropologists 2022: Transformation, Hope and the Commons.

Aylin Yildirim Tschoepe (University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland)
Carolin Genz (Humboldt-University of Berlin)
Discussant: Alain Müller (University of Basel)

Pandemic experiences influence infrastructures of sociality and potentiate social and spatial injustice. We collaboratively search for paths toward visionary pragmatic lifeworlds, taking entangled commons as commitment to coexistence, diversity, inclusion, and a critical look at (un)common sense.

We invite contributions that engage with various aspects of entangled commons. Multimodal work, inter-/transdisciplinary collaborations, and action research is particularly encouraged!

Please find detailed information about the Panel Entangled Commons (<click here or on the link above) and submit your contribution through the “Propose Paper” button until March 21.

We are excited to receive your submission! 

September 2021
I followed the calling, you will find me here: Professor at the Institute Contemporary Design Practices at HGK FHNW 

February 2021

May 2021

Urban Anthropology Unbound

I am happy to share that I am newly appointed series editor for Urban Anthropology Unbound at Berghahn Books! Together with the editorial board (Ferne Edwards, Carolin Genz, Lukas Ley) we will soon send a call for proposals for contributions along these lines:

Urban spaces are centers for human and non-human activity, as well as agents entangled in networks both material and immaterial, real and imagined. Urban Anthropology Unbound unpacks the usual assumptions of an anthropology of urban life and what this means for understanding past, present, and possible urban futures. The series seeks ethnographic knowledge including the unconventional, and invites multimodal and sensory explorations as well. It promotes urban ethnography as a grounded, interdisciplinary methodology to study spatial phenomena as they interface with social and cultural ones and offers ways to understand, interpret, make, and practice urban lifeworlds.

Stay tuned!